Spectre Samoyeds & Border Terriers






Welcome to our website, we would love to share some time with you to proudly show the beautiful dogs that share our lives. We are Phil and Marilyn Hammond, owners of Spectre Samoyed's and Border Terriers.
Originally from England, our love for dogs began as children. we started with German Shepherds and obedience training.
In the year of 79' we moved to West Virginia with our German Shepherd already waiting for us there. Our beloved misty was a once in a lifetime dog that was with us for 11 years.
We purchased our 1st Samoyed  in 85' and off to obedience we went, not as easy as a German Shepherd to train, but adapting to a new breed we finally earned an obedience title.
As the kids grew and left home we decided to try our hands at conformation and purchased our 1st champion from Charisma Samoyed's and our foundation bitch from Rexann Samoyed's, then Spectre Samoyed's was born.
Then came the small breed "as a judge told us the best kept secret" our hardy little scruffy dog that easily steals your heart. we bought our 1st male back from Cumbria, Marilyn's birthplace and purchased a female from Hideaways Kennel they- finished their championships and our 1st litter was born.
We strive to breed to the standard and produce healthy dogs free from genetic problem and have wonderful temperaments. all our breeding dogs are tested and and certified for health requirements and are sold with health guaranties and contracts whether you buy a show dog or a pet companion. 



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